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Property Practitioner

If you have thought about joining the real estate industry, you probably have questions like how exactly do property specialists make their money? How do the commission structures work? How do I find clients/buyers/sellers? How does tax work? Well, this course will answer all those questions and more!

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Your real estate journey could start from this one course.

Don't hesitate to get started!


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How To Get Your First Listing 

We cover exactly how to go about getting your first listing and canvas for clients even if you have no prior real estate experience. 

The Sales Process

You will learn the entire sales processes in a way that is simple and easy to understand. 

Marketing Yourself and Listings

We provide you with the blueprint and understanding on how to acquire buyers, market yourself and structure your schedule to ensure you are getting leads regularly.

The only course and mentorship programme that you will ever need to start your journey as a property practitioner!

Real estate is an industry that is highly rewarding for those who get started on the right foot. Many new agents get left in the dark with no guidance, no training and uninformed which often times leads to many new agents quitting to pursue another industry. 

As an agent that is new to the industry, you experience intense doubt and anxiety as you are unsure of yourself, unsure of what to do first and how to go about getting clients. This is often resulting from lack of guidance and training. 

Why Choose Real Estate?

Real estate offers an opportunity that not many other industries offer which is independence. Joining real estate means that you have full control over your work life, income & working hours. As agents our job is to find, sell and list properties to service the clients needs to the best of your ability. 

From sales to economics, real estate has proven to be one of the most versatile career paths available to an individual.

Competition is fierce so it crucial that you dedicate yourself to becoming a top agent. The top agents reap insane rewards. With real estate, there is always something new to learn each and everyday. You will come across new scenarios daily, meet new people, and encounter new income generating opportunities. You will never be bored.

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