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We are committed to providing educational opportunities and resources to young people interested in the property sector. Through workshops, seminars and training programs, we equip them with knowledge, skills, and insights needed to succeed in various roles within the sector. 


We strive to create employment opportunities for young individuals by connecting them with industry professionals, companies, and organizations. We provide a platform where young talent can showcase their abilities, network with potential employers, and access job placement services.


We believe in the power of collaboration and actively seek partnerships with stakeholders in the property sector. By working together, we can create a strong network that supports and nurtures young talent, driving positive change in the industry. 


At SAYIPA, we are dedicated to transforming the property sector by increasing the active participation of young people.

SAYIPA is a platform where young individuals passionate about the property sector can come together to learn, collaborate, and make a significant impact. We believe that the active involvement of young people is crucial for the growth and development of the industry. 

Together, we can transform the industry and create a future where young people are actively involved in shaping the property landscape.
If you are a young individual passionate about the property sector in South Africa, we invite you to join SAYIPA.

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